Legit 7 Places to Get your Hands on Free Stuff

If you love to get samples and you know how this could help you to save money then you are on the right place, today I will tell you about 7 of the legit places from where you can get free boxes full of samples. The boxes that you can receive have coupons, free samples and full sized products. You can get these boxes without paying anything and once you will receive them, I am sure it would be your happiest day of the year. You can use the items, you can keep them without paying anything but ofcourse you will have to do a little work to get these. It depends upon the place that what type of work you need to do in order to get your box of samples, sometimes you need to write a review while sometimes you only need to post on social media. While there are site where you only have to fill up a form and wait for your turn to receive the samples box.


PINCHme is one of the places that is especially devoted to send free samples to the people out there. If you join the PINCHme family, you will get a box full of samples every month only chosen for you. The companies send product to PINCHme, so that they could distribute the sample on the company behalf and then PINCHme send boxes to the customers based on their interest. The companies send the products believing that you will use and like the product and in future you will buy that product.

When you join the website, you create your own profile based on your interest and make sure you answer all the questions right according to your interest because you will get the samples according to your profile. If you want to get samples every month then make sure you provide feedback for the samples you receive. This simply improves your chances of getting a free sample box. There are times when there is no box available but mostly there is a big box waiting for you. You will need to show up on the website in order to get your box in the mailbox so keep visiting their website and whenever there is an opportunity grab it without waiting.


Walmart Baby Box

If you are expecting a baby or you have a baby in the recent months then you are eligible to get this free Walmart Baby Box. All you need to do is to create a baby registry at Walmart and then you can receive your free Baby box. The baby box contains a lot of free baby stuff and what you will get is dependent on what the store has on that particular time. Mostly the box contains baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby laundry detergent, bottle cleaners, diaper cream and diaper wipes.



This website is especially for social persons because if you are a social person you will get a lot of free boxes of samples in your mail box. Another thing that will increase your chances of getting more samples is that you will have to post about the samples on your social media accounts. As a member I get a box once after a few months which is full of free samples. Other than free samples the box contains full sized products too and sometime it comes with coupons.

The boxes are themed as a VoxBox most of the time in order to celebrate a season or a holiday. You will have to complete online task or sometime you will have to write reviews for the products that you have tried. If you want to get more boxes in the future make sure that you complete the list of task assigned to you.



Mega Free Stuff (https://www.megafreestuff.co.uk/)

Another place with a simple method of getting some free samples is Mega Free Stuff. All you need to do is to sign up with Mega Free Stuff and look for the availability, whenever you see that they are available you can request them and you will get your sample box in your mail within a couple of weeks. The sample box of Mega Free Stuff has around 6 to 12 items in it and the free stuff could be anything like baby wipes, cereal, toothpaste, tissues and much more.

They do not promote about the exact time in which they are giving away free samples so you need to check their website and your email on regular basis to get the box. They announce samples once after every 3 months, so stay tuned to them in order to get your hands on free stuff.


Ripple Street

If you are a party lover than this is the place for you to get your hands on free stuff that could help you to hold a party. You can hold a party at your place to promote a service, TV show or a product and Ripple street will provide you all the free stuff required for it. Ripple Street can help you make your party more fun and there is no hard and fast rules for it. They were previously known with a name of Chatterbox or House Party.

One of the thing that I love about this place is that you do not have to spend time to get your free sample and you can get them easily. There are a few samples in the box and sometimes coupons too that you can use or share to your friends and family.



Smiley360 works a bit differently than the other sites, here you have to fill the survey forms and then after completing the surveys you are offered missions and if you accept the missions, you get a box full of samples and full sized products. Mostly the mission that you need to do is that you should post about the box that you have received on social media. The surveys that you get are based on your profile so make sure you put your interest in the profile while you are signing up. Answering all the available surveys and completing all the missions on time can increase your chance of getting more surveys.


BzzAgent (https://www.bzzagent.com/)

Another place where you can get your hands on free stuff is the BzzAgent. They send boxes of free samples to their members so that they could share it to other people and the company can hit its target market. You will need to fill up the survey forms available on their website and once they find you a good match for the products, they will send you the box full of samples and full sized products.

You will have to complete some tasks after receiving the sample box, the task could be telling a friend about the sample or they could ask you to post about the product on your social media account.


Means to Save More Money at Dick’s Sporting Goods

In many cases the expenses of athletic footwear, accessories and apparel cause people to break a sweat. Make sure and don’t let these expenses cause you to break a sweat out you can save that for your actual workout. In this article we have mentioned some of expert means which will help you to save more money at Dick’s sporting goods either you are shopping in – store or making an online purchase.

So simply stick to us and we will show you that how you can save some extra money on your purchases at Dick’s sporting goods.

Let’s get started!

What is Dick’s Sporting Good?

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a well – known American sporting goods Retail Company which is based in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. It was established by Richard “Dick” Stack in the year of 1948. The company has around 30,000 employees and 850 as of 2018. Dick’s Sporting Goods is known as the largest nation wise sporting goods retailer and it is listed on the list of fortune 500.

  • Sign Up For Dick’s Sporting Goods Email Service

Dick’s Sporting Goods is known as one of the retailers which sends special offers & discounts on the routine basis through email, and they also do the same thing with the traditional mail. You’ll be start receiving offers automatically right after you get yourself registered with the email list of Dick’s Sporting Goods. These discounts fluctuate from coupons for 10% off on your next purchase to special sale information.

After you sign up for email, you will receive a coupon of 10% off from Dick’s Sporting Goods which you can use on your next purchases whether in – store or online.

  • Get The Score Card

Getting the Score Card is one of the best ways for ongoing savings. You can sign up any time for the Score Card Rewards program whenever you visit Dick’s store or you can also get yourself registered with Dick’s Score Card by visiting Dick’s official website. It is totally free and easy and with that you can also track your spending at the store. The best thing is that you will be able to get $10 as in rewards right after you’ll reach 300 points.

Other than that, you will also get access to coupons, special discounts and giveaways and earn more for using Score Card at Field & Stream and Golf Galaxy too.

  • Download The Dick’s Sporting Goods Application

You can easily download the application of Dick’s Sporting Goods and it is totally for free. The benefit of downloading their application is that it allows you to earn Rewards points of Score Card without even making a purchase. For instance, you will earn 50 points as a bonus just for logging into your account. To earn more points you can also sync your fitness tracker with the Dick’s Sporting Good’s app. The application also contains special discounts, special prices and the latest promotional offer.

  • Avoid Shipping Costs

If you order something online then you will get a free in – store service from Dick’s. And by this way you can avoid the shipping cost by to the nearest Dick’s location so you can pick up your parcel to avoid the cost of shipping.

And in case if an item which you want to order isn’t available at the store then you can get it shipped to your home totally for free, but only if the cost of that item is more than $49.

  • Get Price Matching

There are only few competitors with whom Dick’s match price. Those competitors includes Amazon, Target, Walmart, Academy and Cabela’s. And if you have already purchased an item then you have a time – period of 14 days, which starts from the date of purchase to take the advantage of the Dick’s price match program. The only thing you need to do is to bring the customer sales receipt along with the competitor’s ad to the store. After that the clerk will review and approve the price match.

  • Know The Return Policy

With Dick’s Sporting Goods, Field & Stream and Golf Galaxy you will get an offer of a 60 – days return policy on almost every product. Just keep your receipts! And the reason behind that is, the returns without a receipt must be returned by using a valid ID and receive a credit for the lowest selling price.

  • Use The Genie Browser Extension to Find the Best Deals

Simply download the RetailMeNot’s Genie browser extension which is totally free of cost. The Genie browser extension will automatically find, test and apply all of the promo codes, sales and cash back for you which are available and it will also apply those to your Dick’s Sporting Goods order, which in my opinion is a great move!

So guys this was the list of those easy means which you can take advantage of to save more cash while shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods, also we would love to hear from you guys so simply drop a comment and below and share your experiences with us and also let us know that which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried and how much did you saved on your purchase at Dick’s Sporting Goods and also let us know if you guys have any more ideas about saving at Dick’s.

Good luck & have a nice day!

Legit Home Jobs to Earn $1000 a Month

Everyone wants to earn from the comfort of their as it is a headache task to go to the office every day and it could be a fatigue routine. Many people think that home based jobs are scam but the truth is that they are legit. Some can be online and for some you have to work in other ways. There are hundreds of job to earn from home. You can give your services to someone else or you can start your own work. These jobs can be full time jobs and some can be part time and it is up to you how you approach it.

Here in this article I have put up some of the ideas that can help you to earn from the comfort of your home. So starting from the 1st,

1- Virtual Assistance

This is a very in demand job as most of the people have shifted their business online and are boosting their incomes. As it is not possible all the time for business and persons to answers emails and other tasks so they hire virtual assistant for their tasks online which another person can also do on their behalf. These tasks may include answering emails, posting blogs, managing social media accounts and editing and posting content. This is a job that is in demand and you can earn up to $4000 per month if you are a professional one in this field.

2- Trade on Amazon

I am sure you have used Amazon to buy something as it is the world largest online store where you can buy stuff from every category of life. You will be amazed to know that this website is not only for spending you can also earn from this online store. You can sell your products on Amazon to and can use their services of shipping and can earn easily by sitting at home. People around the world sell their products on Amazon and earn hundreds of dollars every month.

3- Blogging

This is one of the easiest idea which require zero investment and you can take this source as a passive income source. Blogging is quite easy if you have a mind that can express his/her ideas easily and effectively and you just have to write them. As this is a type of work that will test your patience and it will take some time to earn. You can start in just few steps and it is an easy process. Many successful bloggers around the world earn in six figures per years. So blogging can be turned out to become a job that can change your life and can comfort you as you want.

4- Teach your Language.

If you are expert in your language you can earn from it. many foreigners around the world how want to visit your country and want to live here needs to learn your language you can teach them online and easily earn from it. If you are an English speaker you have many opportunities to earn and earning a thousand dollar is an easy task. There is a website named as VIPKID that allows to connect with students around the world to learn English. You can work according to your free time and can earn $20 per hours. To teach on their website you need to have a graduation degree and a teaching experience which can be either formal or in formal. Lesson plans and course contents are provided by the website itself.

5- Teach Online

If you are an expert in some subject you can earn from it. You would be thinking that you would have to go to a teaching center to teach and then you would. In this case you are not thinking right. With the massive use of Technology you can now teach people online and there are hundreds of websites that allows you to connect with students around the world. For example there is a website named as Hero which allows you to answer the problems of students. You can earn $3 per question you answer. On average you can earn $300 per week. So this could be a best side hustle for you to earn $1000 per month.

6- Online Store

It is not necessary for you to have tons of experience and money to open an online store. You can do this with less money and no experience. There are two cases in this type the first is that you sell your own products in your online store as this is not an easy step if you are a starter and the second case is that you sell others products that can be quite easy and can be termed as affiliate marketing. You can contact different manufacturers and sell their products on your website and it is up to the manufacturer to deliver the products and you can earn by just selling their products. This is a quite easy task as the work required is very less and with an effective marketing you can earn thousands of dollars monthly.

7- Proofreading

If you have a firm grip on grammar and most of the time you find yourself correcting others writing and grammar mistakes than there is a lot of cash for you in this field. People need their documents to be proof read for legal and medical purposes. Proof readers around the world earn in six figures round the year. You can proof read for people’s documents online and earn cash very fast. To find work you can use many websites that provide freelancers the opportunities to work.

8- E-Books

Writing books for passive income is never a bad idea but with the massive use of technology this term has also revolutionized. Now you can publish your books online like E-Books and people around the world can see your content easily. You have an access of a very broad market where you can sell your E-Books. So writing E-Books can be termed as a source of passive income that can earn you a thousand dollars per month easily.

9-Transcribe Audio

We can term this as one of the easiest way to earn money online. It is easy to transcribe audio calls but many of the people don’t know that they can earn from it so can you. The job is very easy and you can easily do that. Transcribers earn per hour and you can also select the suitable hours in which you want to work so this type of income can easily enhance your life style.

10-Freelancing Writer

Being a freelancing writer you can earn up to $100,000 in a year. The thing you need to know is that you should be good at writing and your written content would be able to attract the one who is reading it or it should excite the reader to buy the product if you are writing for a product. In this type of writing you do not work for a company but you work for yourself and hire yourself to projects that help you to earn. These projects could be writing for a website or a blog or it could be a magazine. So after you become a good writer your earning potentials increase gradually.

11-Re-sell items

With a little research and know-how of the market you can easily earn through this method. This method helps you earn money by just flipping items you already have. So here you go, you can easily find things in market with a little fault that are sold for less or some things that are on discount or some second hand items that are being sold on low prices due to the market condition. You need to buy every single item that you think you can resell in another market with a big profit. You can easily sell these items online where you have many platforms like ebay etc. An extra tip for the users is that you can use Craigslist for this purpose and you can also get freebies on this item that you can resell easily. A friend of mine has sold an item for $150 which he bought for $15 just 6 months ago. So this could be a good side work where you can earn $100,000 in a year easily just by flipping items.

So these were 11 home based legit jobs that will help you to earn $100,000 per year. Most of them are very easy to start and require a little work in the start. So you should not wait for some magic to earn you money, you should take a step by yourself and these passive income sources can be a good deal to make you a millionaire soon. Many successful people have started from zero and now they are millionaire, the reason behind their success is that they have stayed determined towards their goal and have worked without any shame and hesitation. So these some methods will help you to take such a start.

Do comment in the comment section below and let us know how you feel after reading this article.

Have a good Day!

Pre-Eminent Tips & Tricks to Put Some Quick Steps Towards Money Saving

To have a big saving account and maintain a healthy and stylish lifestyle is a dream of many peoples like us. Is this is the same with you then I am writing this article for you. Before thinking of saving money you should keep your mind clear that you have to be very patient. Money saving is a time taking process it will test your patience you will have to create and recreate financial goals many times. But once you start achieving your monthly goals things will get easy for you. In this article I will tell you about some tips and tricks that will help you to increase your savings quotation in your budget. So to achieve financially stability and achieve your goals you would have to make your mind and I will tell you how you can do it fast. So starting from the 1st,

1-Automate your account

If you are not successful in achieving your monthly financial goals then the thing you should do is to change your goals to weekly and daily basis. Pay a visit to your bank and ask your accountant to set a specific amount to be transferred in to your saving account on daily basis. By this your saving account will increase gradually and you will be able to increase your worth slowly. By automating your account your temptation to spend money will not succeed. Therefore you will be able to save a good amount of money. If it is not possible to do it on daily basis then you can do it daily on your mobile banking app. If even this is not a possibility you can ask your banker to do this deposit on weekly basis or even monthly. But doing this step is very important towards money saving.

To make sure this saving does not affect your monthly expenditure and living standard. Calculate an amount from your budget to be automatically transferred in to your saving account and when you are opening a saving account make sure that it is the best in town means the one who gives the highest interest rates. By this you will be able to set your saving account on autopilot and you would be able to increase your worth gradually.

2-Automate your Bills.

As with your account you should automate your bills payments. By automating your bills payments you will be able to save any late fee and you would not lose your credit ratings. Late fee and fines can affect your budget very much so you should try your best to avoid any late fee. When you are paying late on your bills your credit rating will fall down to a very low extent. This means that whenever you would need a loan you would have to pay them a higher interest rate because people with high credit rating pay a less interest as compared to people with low credit rating. So paying your bills and payments on time helps you to maintain a high credit rating so that you can get low interest rates whenever you need a loan.

3- Use your rewards

If you use loyalty cards or your credit card rewards you some cash back for shopping then you should use them while shopping because these little habits can help you to save a good amount of money. By linking your stores loyalty card with some apps you can earn cash backs and sometimes it can get you online coupons that you can use to earn discounts and sometimes rewards. This is a very step towards money saving you just have to follow a simple steps and you can then save a good amount on everything you buy.

Your debit card and credit card can also give you cash back or discount on certain products and you can use it with your loyalty cards to increase your savings. Make sure you check your cards details and offers so you can avail these offers effectively. One thing you should keep in mind in this buying process that you should not get out of your budget. Do not get tempted towards buying useless stuff just to earn rewards. Always buy the things you need and earn reward on them you can buy in bulk to earn rewards and discounts too. So earn on every penny you spend but don’t get de tracked from your budget so that it could destroy your saving goal.

4- Utilize online tools that help to save

There are hundreds of online tools, apps and websites that help you to earn cash backs, rewards and other offers if you use them. Most of them are free and you just have to download and use the app or website. These simple apps can save you almost 10% to 15% of your shopping budget. For instance Honey is a browser extension that helps you to get all the available online coupons before you check out. This help you to save a good amount. Another example is Top Cash Back that helps you to get to get cash back on every item you buy online. They claim to give the highest cash back in the country. While Ibotta is an app that helps you to avail offers on certain products and you can earn cash back too on grocery shopping using this app. These apps and website are very easy to use. So you should use them to increase your savings sections in the budget. This simple trick will not affect your life style and it will still increase your savings account. You can also use them with your loyalty card, credit card or debit card rewards to increase your savings account and you would be able to save without disturbing your normal routine of shopping.

5- Use cash while shopping

If you cannot control being tempted to buy unnecessary items then you should try not to use credit card. These credit cards can lead you towards loans so it is much better that you should use cash instead of credit card. Because when you are shopping with a credit card it will not stop you to buy extra items and even if you do not have enough money it will lend you money and in the end you will have to pay high interest rates. So as you are moving towards fast money saving you should try to skip credit card shopping and use cash so that you are not tempted to get distract from your budget.

6-Mustering your Transactions

In addition to all these tricks, you can speed up your saving by mustering your payments. Suppose you have gone out to eat something in your favorite restaurant and your bill is $17.67 here the thing you should do is to round up your transaction in to $18 and send the remaining $0.33 in to your savings account. This little step will help you to build your savings account gradually and you will be able to get more. If you want to increase your savings faster then you should round up the amount of above example in to $20 or $25 that means that you should save $3 to $7 on every transaction you do. This will surprisingly boost up your savings to a next level and you will be able to get your dream of financially stability in no time.

7-Eradicate an expense from your budget

While making you budget you should be very careful because this budget making decides how much money you are going to save this month. So to increase your saving section, the thing you should do is to just skip a little expense that is not that much important in your life. For example you can skip your newspaper subscription that you just pay and you do not have time to read that and you are paying $10 for that every month. Save that amount and put that in your saving account. This will help you to boost up your saving a little more and when you will make a habit of skipping an extra expense from your budget every month then you will see a drastic change in your savings account.

8-Negotiate your payment

While buying something and paying for your payment you should try to negotiate some of your payments. Some of your payments like your mortgage and rent are not negotiable but many of others are. Before shopping for something the thing you must do is to compare their rates with others. Although this will be a time taking process but you will be able to save a good amount of money through this and this would be counted as a time well spent. You can even find a lower mortgage rate when you do a little search. So always go for comparison shopping. There are some online tools that will help you in this regard.

So these were some pre-eminent tricks and tips to boost your saving process. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of saving money and boosting them with these methods.

Have a good Day!

6 Ways to Save More on Gardening

Maintaining your house can be a headache task, especially your garden section in the springs and summers. This is such kind of spending that many of us overlook while we are creating our budget and I have seen many people who do not put an amount for gardening or landscaping in the budget section and in the end their budget fails. This expense seems not as important and costly but it can affect your monthly budget if you do not plan for it. If you are not a homeowner or you live in a flat or apartment then you do not have to worry about it because you do not have to pay anything in this regard. But if you are a homeowner and you have to alter your garden after some days then this can be a headache task and it can take a lot of your money. Your money could be spent in number of ways by planting new trees and plants, fertilizing your plants and grass, cleaning your grass and maintaining a clean pipe line and water flow. So this means that not making up a garden takes money, maintaining it also can take a lot of hard work and money. So here in this article I have come up with 6 ideas that can help you to save a good amount of money in your gardening section of the budget. So starting from the 1st,

1-Don’t buy dirt

Do you buy dirt from a store? That means you pay for the dirt or mulch and you are not saving your money. Why buy dirt from a store or seller when you can get that for free. There are many municipalities, towns and cities that gives excess to its residents for free. These municipalities collect excess dirt from all over the city and they have selected hours of day in selected days in which you can collect that dirt. You just have to be a citizen of that country to gain excess to that free dirt and mulch. So you better look for free dirt and mulch instead of buying.

Another option for you that you can avail is that you can check craigslist for free dirt. There are many people in your area that have excess dirt and want to dispose it but they do not want to pay the dumpster rental to dispose their waste. You can check craigslist website for free dirt and you can get free dirt from people’s garden. This is a beneficial situation for both parties as one get free excess of dirt and the others get rid of the excess dirt from their garden.

2- Get discount for becoming a regular costumer

If you have hired company for cleaning you gutter and cutting and maintaining you grass and garden. You can ask them for discounts because the worse that could happen is that they would say no. so ask for it. Instead of getting one time services for your gutter cleaning and maintaining your garden every week. Look for hiring a permanent company that gives you these services because they will charge you less than the one time service and you will be able to avail offers and discounts that these companies give to their customers.

3-Plant around the edges

If you hired a company to clean your grass then you should be aware of the fact that these companies charge you more for the edges because it is difficult to clean the edges of the grass and it takes more hard work than any other space in the garden. This is because of the face that at the edges the lawnmower cannot work properly so you have to take extra care and do it by other means.

So to save this fee I have come up an idea for you, you can plant some trees around the edges. You should pick those plants that are hardy year round and you can mow them by lawnmower without any difficulty.

If you plant mondo grass around the edges of your garden then you can save good because if a portion of mondo grass is cut by a lawnmower it would not affect the whole plant. So planting this grass can become a money saving prospect for you. Investing in planting these grass will cut off the $10 extra expense that you will have to pay to the company for the edges. This will work for you effectively and quickly and you will be able to see the savings in very quick time.

4-Water you Garden as less as you can

Here in this scenario you need to understand that you are maintaining a garden to look good you do not need a lush green nest that looks the most beautiful in the town. When you would have made your mind then the thing you can do is to water your garden as less as you can that means water them so that they do not die or become brown but do not give them excess water so that your energy and water bills gets higher. As in the process of maintaining a lush green garden can cost you an increase in your energy bills so that it could hit your budget. This could be beneficial in both ways that you will be able to save money on your energy and water bills and you would be able to maintain a good looking garden. Remember to put a water dose that is effective for the plants do not exceed the limit or do not get down from the limit.

5-Ask your children for Garden maintaining

If you have children in your home then teaching them gardening is very healthy activity for their brain and physical health. Gardening lets you learn about different plants, new soil techniques and many other things. So you should always teach them about gardening and how to maintain a garden as it helps their mental growth.

Another thing that you can do is that you can pay your children for maintain a god garden or you can put a reward for them so that they could work properly and effectively for that. By this means you would be able to save that amount that you are giving to the company for maintenance of your garden. The amount you would give to your children for maintaining a beautiful garden can be beneficial in many ways. Your child will be able to know the worth of money and he/she will get to know who it is earned. Another benefit is that the amount of money you will give to your children will be used by himself/herself on his/her clothes and other needs so that means you would not have to pay them for their needs. That is a lot of savings in a little step. So go for that and save a good amount of money.

6- Xeriscaping

I do not know whether you are familiar with this term or not because this a new growing technique that helps you to save money. Xeriscaping is the process of replacing your grass with native rocks or vegetation. This process involves plantation of plants that use less water so that means Xeriscaping is a process that is a budget friendly.

Changing your traditional garden with xeriscaping could take $5000 to $10000 according to the area you live. So it would be a better option if you do it yourself. This would be a very time taking option if you chose that so you would have to calculate that if you can do this or not because this process can take your multiple days and weekends and as you know that time is money so you should be doing your mathematics that whether it will suit you or not.

If you are thinking that xeriscaping gardens do not need any maintenance then you are not thinking right, these type of gardens also need maintenance and you have to give at least 2 hours a week so before doing so clear up your mind!

So the underline for this is that you can say that xeriscaping is a budget friendly choice and before you are going to choose that if you are going xeriscaping or not make sure to do the calculations on your behalf so that it would be clear for you that this is a beneficial case for you or not!

So these were the 6 ideas that will help you to save more money while you are spending on your garden whether you are creating a garden or you are maintaining it. So you should keep in your mind these ideas. These ideas will not change the course of your garden and you will still have your lush and beautiful garden in less amount as compared to you were paying before.

Do comment in the comment section below and share your experiences of how you saved money in your gardening section of your budget as it is an important expenditure that many people overlook. Do tell us how mine these ideas let you save an amount that helped you in your difficult time.

Have a good Day!

Saving Money in More Simpler Ways

Do you ever thought of the time when you do not have to think about any payment issues before buying anything big because you have a lot of money in your savings account? If you want to achieve that level then you have to save money and more money. The best step to save more is to spend less as you will not buying any extra and useless item you will be saving the amount. Today in this article I have come up with some simpler ideas for you that will help you to spend less and save more money so that you can fulfill your dream of financially stability and could spend without any payment issues. The road toward financially stability is not as steep as you think but it need some strong determination and a bit of smart approach towards your spending.

Ending your month with debt completely destroys your savings habits but this happens because of a lot of extra and un necessary spending you do in your month and you are not making an amount that is required to fulfil your expenses so first you need to focus on spending less. Starting from the 1st tip,

1-Track your Spending

To save money tracking your spending is a very important task. It is difficult to memorize everything you buy daily so it would be a better idea if you write it down. In the first step I am not asking you to change the way you spent but just write it down. You can simply do it in an Excel sheet or you can take help from an online tool like Betterment as it will help you to calculate your net worth and will automate your tracking process. As after a month you will be able to see that what amount you have spent in this whole month on which category and you will be able to realize that where you were buying extra and useless items from your budget and these amount build up to become a big amount after a time that you are throwing away. So by avoiding these extra expense you can save a big amount for you that can be put up in the savings account. Tracking your spending will always be an alarm for you as it will help you not to buy useless items and will save you from any extra temptations.

2- Only Buy what you want

After tracking your spending the thing you now have to do is to make a check at what you were buying extra in the list and skip that expense. You should change your perspective of shopping in to value based shopping. Value based shopping means you should make an estimate of how much you earn by an hour and whenever you are tempted to buy an extra item you should think that if you worth it not that means you should ask yourself a question that buying this item is necessary to you or not? By asking this question you will be to realize and estimate the value of the item you were going to buy and you will be able to know how much extra hours you would have to work if you need to buy that.

3- Set your Goals

You cannot get to a destination without a road map so to save money you need to set your financial goals. As you should know how much you want to save and for what you are saving as these two questions will help you to make a clear road map for saving money and you will be able to save money with a vision and road map. You can divide your financial goals in to three categories, the first should be the short term in which you can challenge yourself to save an amount in 2 to 3 months and to save for a vacation or something like that, the second one is the medium term goal where you can take time for an year up to 5 years and ask yourself to pay off your debt completely and Buy a car or something like that, then the last is the long term financial goal in which you can challenge yourself to pay off your mortgage completely and to save a big amount for your retirement that can take more than 5 years to 10 years. These Financial plans will help you carve a way and it will be a motivation for you to stick to the money saving track.

4- Budgeting

Creating a budget that fulfill your goals and need is a vital step towards money saving. Many of the people like me thinks that the budget will restrict you to buy things and you will not be able to buy according to your needs that is completely an opposite thinking of what budget means budget gives you freedom and comfort for saving money and you can buy according to your needs every time. Making a budget carves you a road map for the upcoming month and by this you are able to save according to your goals and plans. So before starting your new month you should make a proper budget and if you have no idea how to start with your budget you can use the online tools to make a budget according to your needs.

5- Be ready for big expenses

One thing that can get you in debt is that sometimes you have to face big expense for repairing your house and maintenance. This is the time when most of the people go for debt payment. You can save yourself from debt by following a proper plan. Every month when you are making a budget you should put an amount for your home repairs and put that amount in to the saving account by this you will be saving an amount for the expense you will have to face after some months. After some months when the expense arrives you will not have to go for debt as you will have that amount in your saving account for that expenditure.

6- Save on Your Energy Costs

Some little perks in your daily life can help you save a very big amount for the month. Energy costs takes a big portion of your budget as you have to pay the utility bills and other expenses if you are a home owner. So to save on these energy costs you should make a little perks in your daily routine. You should turn off any extra light or fan in the home when you need it. You should replace your old bulbs with the new LEDs and with the all appliances you should replace them with less energy consuming appliances. You should turn off the heat in the day when its winters and a sunny day and keep your windows open so that Sunlight can warm your house and for the summers you should keep your window closed so that any of the heat cannot come inside your house and in the night and keep the AC on high temperature in the night as it is less hot than the day. Another thing you must do is to replace your old thermostat with the new programmable thermostat so that it could program itself to save you energy. By doing these little alterations you can save a very handsome amount for the month and reduce your energy costs effectively.

7- Rent your Rooms

Another effective way to save from your house is to rent your house, rooms and beds to people who are staying in your area for a shorter time. Tourist around the world look for cheap places to live. AirBnb is an app that help people find a place for cheaper prices. You can register your home on AirBnb and get paid guests that can help you to save a good amount for a month. You can charge according to the rates of your area and the facilities you provide.

  8- Look for a cheaper Apartment

If you do not have a big family and you are living in a big house then there is no need to spend extra money on the rent you should try to move to an apartment according to your need and that is cheaper than the one now. This will help you save a good amount every month from your budget. Another thing you should do is that you should live in a walkable community where everything is in the walkable distance from you like the doctor and the grocery store etc. and another thing is that you should look for a place that is near your workplace. By these two trick you would be able to save a good amount on your transportation expenses every month.

9- Grocery Shopping

This is that part of the budget that is very important. To save on grocery shopping you should act smart. Every time you are out for shopping always look for the local food instead of the branded one because the local food is far much cheaper than the branded one and is healthier too. Another trick is that whenever you see that an item is on sale and the item could be preserved for a long time then you should buy that item in bulk. This will help you to buy items on a very cheaper price for a long time. An extra tip for you if you have a garden in your house then you should try to grow your own food. By this you would be able to eat healthy and cheaper.

So these were the some methods and tricks from which you can save money effectively and easily. Always remember that money saving needs a strong determination so you should always be positive towards your this approach. Drop a comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of saving money and building up a big saving account through these methods.

Have a good Day!