6 Ways to Save More on Gardening

Maintaining your house can be a headache task, especially your garden section in the springs and summers. This is such kind of spending that many of us overlook while we are creating our budget and I have seen many people who do not put an amount for gardening or landscaping in the budget section and in the end their budget fails. This expense seems not as important and costly but it can affect your monthly budget if you do not plan for it. If you are not a homeowner or you live in a flat or apartment then you do not have to worry about it because you do not have to pay anything in this regard. But if you are a homeowner and you have to alter your garden after some days then this can be a headache task and it can take a lot of your money. Your money could be spent in number of ways by planting new trees and plants, fertilizing your plants and grass, cleaning your grass and maintaining a clean pipe line and water flow. So this means that not making up a garden takes money, maintaining it also can take a lot of hard work and money. So here in this article I have come up with 6 ideas that can help you to save a good amount of money in your gardening section of the budget. So starting from the 1st,

1-Don’t buy dirt

Do you buy dirt from a store? That means you pay for the dirt or mulch and you are not saving your money. Why buy dirt from a store or seller when you can get that for free. There are many municipalities, towns and cities that gives excess to its residents for free. These municipalities collect excess dirt from all over the city and they have selected hours of day in selected days in which you can collect that dirt. You just have to be a citizen of that country to gain excess to that free dirt and mulch. So you better look for free dirt and mulch instead of buying.

Another option for you that you can avail is that you can check craigslist for free dirt. There are many people in your area that have excess dirt and want to dispose it but they do not want to pay the dumpster rental to dispose their waste. You can check craigslist website for free dirt and you can get free dirt from people’s garden. This is a beneficial situation for both parties as one get free excess of dirt and the others get rid of the excess dirt from their garden.

2- Get discount for becoming a regular costumer

If you have hired company for cleaning you gutter and cutting and maintaining you grass and garden. You can ask them for discounts because the worse that could happen is that they would say no. so ask for it. Instead of getting one time services for your gutter cleaning and maintaining your garden every week. Look for hiring a permanent company that gives you these services because they will charge you less than the one time service and you will be able to avail offers and discounts that these companies give to their customers.

3-Plant around the edges

If you hired a company to clean your grass then you should be aware of the fact that these companies charge you more for the edges because it is difficult to clean the edges of the grass and it takes more hard work than any other space in the garden. This is because of the face that at the edges the lawnmower cannot work properly so you have to take extra care and do it by other means.

So to save this fee I have come up an idea for you, you can plant some trees around the edges. You should pick those plants that are hardy year round and you can mow them by lawnmower without any difficulty.

If you plant mondo grass around the edges of your garden then you can save good because if a portion of mondo grass is cut by a lawnmower it would not affect the whole plant. So planting this grass can become a money saving prospect for you. Investing in planting these grass will cut off the $10 extra expense that you will have to pay to the company for the edges. This will work for you effectively and quickly and you will be able to see the savings in very quick time.

4-Water you Garden as less as you can

Here in this scenario you need to understand that you are maintaining a garden to look good you do not need a lush green nest that looks the most beautiful in the town. When you would have made your mind then the thing you can do is to water your garden as less as you can that means water them so that they do not die or become brown but do not give them excess water so that your energy and water bills gets higher. As in the process of maintaining a lush green garden can cost you an increase in your energy bills so that it could hit your budget. This could be beneficial in both ways that you will be able to save money on your energy and water bills and you would be able to maintain a good looking garden. Remember to put a water dose that is effective for the plants do not exceed the limit or do not get down from the limit.

5-Ask your children for Garden maintaining

If you have children in your home then teaching them gardening is very healthy activity for their brain and physical health. Gardening lets you learn about different plants, new soil techniques and many other things. So you should always teach them about gardening and how to maintain a garden as it helps their mental growth.

Another thing that you can do is that you can pay your children for maintain a god garden or you can put a reward for them so that they could work properly and effectively for that. By this means you would be able to save that amount that you are giving to the company for maintenance of your garden. The amount you would give to your children for maintaining a beautiful garden can be beneficial in many ways. Your child will be able to know the worth of money and he/she will get to know who it is earned. Another benefit is that the amount of money you will give to your children will be used by himself/herself on his/her clothes and other needs so that means you would not have to pay them for their needs. That is a lot of savings in a little step. So go for that and save a good amount of money.

6- Xeriscaping

I do not know whether you are familiar with this term or not because this a new growing technique that helps you to save money. Xeriscaping is the process of replacing your grass with native rocks or vegetation. This process involves plantation of plants that use less water so that means Xeriscaping is a process that is a budget friendly.

Changing your traditional garden with xeriscaping could take $5000 to $10000 according to the area you live. So it would be a better option if you do it yourself. This would be a very time taking option if you chose that so you would have to calculate that if you can do this or not because this process can take your multiple days and weekends and as you know that time is money so you should be doing your mathematics that whether it will suit you or not.

If you are thinking that xeriscaping gardens do not need any maintenance then you are not thinking right, these type of gardens also need maintenance and you have to give at least 2 hours a week so before doing so clear up your mind!

So the underline for this is that you can say that xeriscaping is a budget friendly choice and before you are going to choose that if you are going xeriscaping or not make sure to do the calculations on your behalf so that it would be clear for you that this is a beneficial case for you or not!

So these were the 6 ideas that will help you to save more money while you are spending on your garden whether you are creating a garden or you are maintaining it. So you should keep in your mind these ideas. These ideas will not change the course of your garden and you will still have your lush and beautiful garden in less amount as compared to you were paying before.

Do comment in the comment section below and share your experiences of how you saved money in your gardening section of your budget as it is an important expenditure that many people overlook. Do tell us how mine these ideas let you save an amount that helped you in your difficult time.

Have a good Day!

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