Legit 7 Places to Get your Hands on Free Stuff

If you love to get samples and you know how this could help you to save money then you are on the right place, today I will tell you about 7 of the legit places from where you can get free boxes full of samples. The boxes that you can receive have coupons, free samples and full sized products. You can get these boxes without paying anything and once you will receive them, I am sure it would be your happiest day of the year. You can use the items, you can keep them without paying anything but ofcourse you will have to do a little work to get these. It depends upon the place that what type of work you need to do in order to get your box of samples, sometimes you need to write a review while sometimes you only need to post on social media. While there are site where you only have to fill up a form and wait for your turn to receive the samples box.


PINCHme is one of the places that is especially devoted to send free samples to the people out there. If you join the PINCHme family, you will get a box full of samples every month only chosen for you. The companies send product to PINCHme, so that they could distribute the sample on the company behalf and then PINCHme send boxes to the customers based on their interest. The companies send the products believing that you will use and like the product and in future you will buy that product.

When you join the website, you create your own profile based on your interest and make sure you answer all the questions right according to your interest because you will get the samples according to your profile. If you want to get samples every month then make sure you provide feedback for the samples you receive. This simply improves your chances of getting a free sample box. There are times when there is no box available but mostly there is a big box waiting for you. You will need to show up on the website in order to get your box in the mailbox so keep visiting their website and whenever there is an opportunity grab it without waiting.


Walmart Baby Box

If you are expecting a baby or you have a baby in the recent months then you are eligible to get this free Walmart Baby Box. All you need to do is to create a baby registry at Walmart and then you can receive your free Baby box. The baby box contains a lot of free baby stuff and what you will get is dependent on what the store has on that particular time. Mostly the box contains baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby laundry detergent, bottle cleaners, diaper cream and diaper wipes.



This website is especially for social persons because if you are a social person you will get a lot of free boxes of samples in your mail box. Another thing that will increase your chances of getting more samples is that you will have to post about the samples on your social media accounts. As a member I get a box once after a few months which is full of free samples. Other than free samples the box contains full sized products too and sometime it comes with coupons.

The boxes are themed as a VoxBox most of the time in order to celebrate a season or a holiday. You will have to complete online task or sometime you will have to write reviews for the products that you have tried. If you want to get more boxes in the future make sure that you complete the list of task assigned to you.



Mega Free Stuff (https://www.megafreestuff.co.uk/)

Another place with a simple method of getting some free samples is Mega Free Stuff. All you need to do is to sign up with Mega Free Stuff and look for the availability, whenever you see that they are available you can request them and you will get your sample box in your mail within a couple of weeks. The sample box of Mega Free Stuff has around 6 to 12 items in it and the free stuff could be anything like baby wipes, cereal, toothpaste, tissues and much more.

They do not promote about the exact time in which they are giving away free samples so you need to check their website and your email on regular basis to get the box. They announce samples once after every 3 months, so stay tuned to them in order to get your hands on free stuff.


Ripple Street

If you are a party lover than this is the place for you to get your hands on free stuff that could help you to hold a party. You can hold a party at your place to promote a service, TV show or a product and Ripple street will provide you all the free stuff required for it. Ripple Street can help you make your party more fun and there is no hard and fast rules for it. They were previously known with a name of Chatterbox or House Party.

One of the thing that I love about this place is that you do not have to spend time to get your free sample and you can get them easily. There are a few samples in the box and sometimes coupons too that you can use or share to your friends and family.



Smiley360 works a bit differently than the other sites, here you have to fill the survey forms and then after completing the surveys you are offered missions and if you accept the missions, you get a box full of samples and full sized products. Mostly the mission that you need to do is that you should post about the box that you have received on social media. The surveys that you get are based on your profile so make sure you put your interest in the profile while you are signing up. Answering all the available surveys and completing all the missions on time can increase your chance of getting more surveys.


BzzAgent (https://www.bzzagent.com/)

Another place where you can get your hands on free stuff is the BzzAgent. They send boxes of free samples to their members so that they could share it to other people and the company can hit its target market. You will need to fill up the survey forms available on their website and once they find you a good match for the products, they will send you the box full of samples and full sized products.

You will have to complete some tasks after receiving the sample box, the task could be telling a friend about the sample or they could ask you to post about the product on your social media account.


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