Legit Home Jobs to Earn $1000 a Month

Everyone wants to earn from the comfort of their as it is a headache task to go to the office every day and it could be a fatigue routine. Many people think that home based jobs are scam but the truth is that they are legit. Some can be online and for some you have to work in other ways. There are hundreds of job to earn from home. You can give your services to someone else or you can start your own work. These jobs can be full time jobs and some can be part time and it is up to you how you approach it.

Here in this article I have put up some of the ideas that can help you to earn from the comfort of your home. So starting from the 1st,

1- Virtual Assistance

This is a very in demand job as most of the people have shifted their business online and are boosting their incomes. As it is not possible all the time for business and persons to answers emails and other tasks so they hire virtual assistant for their tasks online which another person can also do on their behalf. These tasks may include answering emails, posting blogs, managing social media accounts and editing and posting content. This is a job that is in demand and you can earn up to $4000 per month if you are a professional one in this field.

2- Trade on Amazon

I am sure you have used Amazon to buy something as it is the world largest online store where you can buy stuff from every category of life. You will be amazed to know that this website is not only for spending you can also earn from this online store. You can sell your products on Amazon to and can use their services of shipping and can earn easily by sitting at home. People around the world sell their products on Amazon and earn hundreds of dollars every month.

3- Blogging

This is one of the easiest idea which require zero investment and you can take this source as a passive income source. Blogging is quite easy if you have a mind that can express his/her ideas easily and effectively and you just have to write them. As this is a type of work that will test your patience and it will take some time to earn. You can start in just few steps and it is an easy process. Many successful bloggers around the world earn in six figures per years. So blogging can be turned out to become a job that can change your life and can comfort you as you want.

4- Teach your Language.

If you are expert in your language you can earn from it. many foreigners around the world how want to visit your country and want to live here needs to learn your language you can teach them online and easily earn from it. If you are an English speaker you have many opportunities to earn and earning a thousand dollar is an easy task. There is a website named as VIPKID that allows to connect with students around the world to learn English. You can work according to your free time and can earn $20 per hours. To teach on their website you need to have a graduation degree and a teaching experience which can be either formal or in formal. Lesson plans and course contents are provided by the website itself.

5- Teach Online

If you are an expert in some subject you can earn from it. You would be thinking that you would have to go to a teaching center to teach and then you would. In this case you are not thinking right. With the massive use of Technology you can now teach people online and there are hundreds of websites that allows you to connect with students around the world. For example there is a website named as Hero which allows you to answer the problems of students. You can earn $3 per question you answer. On average you can earn $300 per week. So this could be a best side hustle for you to earn $1000 per month.

6- Online Store

It is not necessary for you to have tons of experience and money to open an online store. You can do this with less money and no experience. There are two cases in this type the first is that you sell your own products in your online store as this is not an easy step if you are a starter and the second case is that you sell others products that can be quite easy and can be termed as affiliate marketing. You can contact different manufacturers and sell their products on your website and it is up to the manufacturer to deliver the products and you can earn by just selling their products. This is a quite easy task as the work required is very less and with an effective marketing you can earn thousands of dollars monthly.

7- Proofreading

If you have a firm grip on grammar and most of the time you find yourself correcting others writing and grammar mistakes than there is a lot of cash for you in this field. People need their documents to be proof read for legal and medical purposes. Proof readers around the world earn in six figures round the year. You can proof read for people’s documents online and earn cash very fast. To find work you can use many websites that provide freelancers the opportunities to work.

8- E-Books

Writing books for passive income is never a bad idea but with the massive use of technology this term has also revolutionized. Now you can publish your books online like E-Books and people around the world can see your content easily. You have an access of a very broad market where you can sell your E-Books. So writing E-Books can be termed as a source of passive income that can earn you a thousand dollars per month easily.

9-Transcribe Audio

We can term this as one of the easiest way to earn money online. It is easy to transcribe audio calls but many of the people don’t know that they can earn from it so can you. The job is very easy and you can easily do that. Transcribers earn per hour and you can also select the suitable hours in which you want to work so this type of income can easily enhance your life style.

10-Freelancing Writer

Being a freelancing writer you can earn up to $100,000 in a year. The thing you need to know is that you should be good at writing and your written content would be able to attract the one who is reading it or it should excite the reader to buy the product if you are writing for a product. In this type of writing you do not work for a company but you work for yourself and hire yourself to projects that help you to earn. These projects could be writing for a website or a blog or it could be a magazine. So after you become a good writer your earning potentials increase gradually.

11-Re-sell items

With a little research and know-how of the market you can easily earn through this method. This method helps you earn money by just flipping items you already have. So here you go, you can easily find things in market with a little fault that are sold for less or some things that are on discount or some second hand items that are being sold on low prices due to the market condition. You need to buy every single item that you think you can resell in another market with a big profit. You can easily sell these items online where you have many platforms like ebay etc. An extra tip for the users is that you can use Craigslist for this purpose and you can also get freebies on this item that you can resell easily. A friend of mine has sold an item for $150 which he bought for $15 just 6 months ago. So this could be a good side work where you can earn $100,000 in a year easily just by flipping items.

So these were 11 home based legit jobs that will help you to earn $100,000 per year. Most of them are very easy to start and require a little work in the start. So you should not wait for some magic to earn you money, you should take a step by yourself and these passive income sources can be a good deal to make you a millionaire soon. Many successful people have started from zero and now they are millionaire, the reason behind their success is that they have stayed determined towards their goal and have worked without any shame and hesitation. So these some methods will help you to take such a start.

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